Ligne droite

2021, la table 80 x 84.5 x 72 cm, la chaise 19 x 47.5 x 47 cm, installation 64 x 17 x 17 cm

Straight line,  2021, table, chair, installation , welding, woodworksoudure, travail du bois

Most installations have been inspired by the systems I lived in or observed. With these systems as a starting point, I have created a new one.

I came up with a device that allows a straight line to be drawn and invited children to activate it. Each child used the device three or four times in a row, and through repetition, adapted his or her movement each time. The results of these experiences were then exhibited on the walls.

When observed from afar, all the lines appear to look the same. It is only when one gets closer that they can see each line is different.

I show how individuals, through systems, conform towards the same direction imposed by society — it takes closer inspection to discover how different we all are.