Comment s’asseoir correctement

Bois, métal 95 x 36 x 53cm 2019
坐有坐相, 橡木, 金屬 95 x 36 x 53cm 2019
How does one sit correctly , oak wood, metal 2019

How does one sit correctly, how does one write correctly? How does one stand up correctly? These three installations are inspired by everyday objects. They are specially adapted to the size of children around six or seven years old.

This age corresponds to the period when children in Taiwan start going to school. It is the ideal moment for them to learn things and to be restrained with multiple devices and ties that support their limbs in a mechanically adjusted posture.

I blur the line between orthopædic equipment and torture instruments (the daily rules). It is a way to show how coercive methods are generally presented as measures with good intentions. The shape of this installation is inspired by these invisible measures (how to hold a pen, the proper distance between the eyes of the reader to his or her book, etc.)

On a physical level, the constraint on the body is like a small violence that is applied daily. It is a way to ‘straighten’ individuals which does not appear as very violent. As these small directives can sometimes last over ten years, people become accustomed to them little by little. In my work, I aim to make these rules visible and eliminate the gradual period of adaptation. The contrast between the body and this new system reveals the physical pain inflicted by the adjustment.